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Rapid Screeding Solutions Delivered by Experts

We are floor screeding contractors in London who provide high-quality fast-drying screed for home builders, general extension builders and main contractors. If you are struggling to meet construction deadlines, SJW Screed Limited can supply and install screed that dries within days, enabling a wood floor to go down in one week as opposed to two months.

Our team has three decades of experience in this sector and only uses the finest products for its floor screeding process. We always listen closely to the specific needs of a client in order to provide an accurate, bespoke screeding solution. You can be sure that we will know the precise service needed ahead of delivering an impeccable floor screeding service that puts your mind at rest.

For floor screeding contractors in London who specialise in supplying a first-class traditional dry screed, get in contact with SJW Screed Limited.


Screeding involves laying down a reinforced sand and cement floor to form a level surface that serves as the base beneath a final floor finish. Any property that is tiled or has underfloor heating requires a screeded floor. Ahead of laying down floor screed, a site survey may be required in order to take measurements for the screed level required. On the day of the screed installation we batch and pump the screed on site to ensure the highest quality floor.




Home Builders

As somebody undertaking a self-build, managing deadlines can be difficult. Perhaps you need to get flooring down inside a week as opposed to a month. If this is the case, you can count on our floor screeding contractors in London to provide a fast, efficient solution that keeps your build on track.

General Extension Builders

Builders who are installing an extension can often require assistance when it comes to supplying a reliable traditional dry screed that is delivered efficiently whilst also remaining on their own schedule. By outsourcing floor screeding to us, we will take care of the job in punctual and emphatic fashion.

Main Contractors

Large contractors have to meet very strict deadlines and can therefore require our help with the screeding process. We are very experienced when it comes to supplying impeccable fast-drying screed solutions for commercial builders in London, Croydon and Surrey.





Standard Screed

Our traditional standard cure screed dries at 1mm per day. The usual depth for bonded screed is from around 30mm and 65mm for insulated floating screed , so with our screeding materials, which are all mixed on site, you can install final floor finishes in just 1 month depending on the screed type and thickness.

Chemical Accelerator Screed

For a screed that is 75mm in thickness, a standard cure would take 90 days. However, with our chemical accelerator screeding service, a full curing process only takes 15 days with the appropriate drying conditions. 

Mapei Screed

In decent drying conditions, our fast-track Mapei screed allows you to start ceramic tiling just 24 hours after it has been laid down. Natural stone can be laid down in as little as 48 hours, while wood and floor coverings can go down in just four to five days.



At SJW Screed Limited, we can prepare the screed on Thursday, lay it down on Friday and tile your floor on Monday ahead of units being installed on Wednesday! Why wait three months when our experienced floor screeding contractors in London can have the job done in less than a week?



Along with the aforementioned floor screeding solutions, we supply a variety of other types of screed to cater for more specific solutions. Please see below to view the full list of screeding solutions supplied by SJR Screed:

  • Traditional Sand-Cement Screeds
  • Rapid Drying Screeds
  • SBR Polymer Screeds

  • Heavy Duty Screeds
  • Granolithic Screeds
  • Lytag Screeds

  • Latex Screeds
  • Surface Preparation




Our floor screeding contractors in London have a background in plastering and started working for screeding contractors 30 years ago. We have been operating as a more streamlined independent floor screeding contractor for the last 10 years, which has enabled us to develop strong industry knowledge along with an incredibly specialised understanding of the screeding process and clients needs.


We only use the finest available products for our floor-screeding process. Along with high quality fast-drying screeds, our team of professionals use power floating equipment for finishing our floors where possible, as opposed to hand finishing tools. Power floated screed enables us to provide an extra smooth , flat and strong finish to each project whilst also saving you or your business valuable time. 


Most of the time, people will only need to call on a floor screeding service once in their lives. We understand this and we can assist through this sometimes stressful process. We also understand that being available at short notice to provide a comprehensive fast-drying screeding solution is absolutely crucial. However specific your request may be, our team of fully-qualified professionals are dedicated to providing a final product that aligns precisely with your requirements.






If you require floor screeding contractors in London, Croydon and Surrey who provide expert fast-drying screed, don't hesitate to contact SJW Screed Limited today. 


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