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If you require fast-drying floor screeding contractors in London, get in contact with SJW Screed Limited. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry and provide a topquality screed that will dry in as little as one day. Whether you are a self-builder, a general builder working on an extension, or a commercial builder, our company will ensure that your flooring is laid down on time.

Meeting deadlines during a complex building project can be difficult. For example, you may have kitchen units being installed in a few weeks but still have no flooring. This is where our floor screeding contractors in London come in, offering three different fast-drying screeds, with our fastest product – the Mapei screed – taking as little as 24 hours before you can lay down flooring. 

We offer an extremely high standard of power floated screed, so if you require floor screeding contractors in London, get in contact with SJW Screed Limited. 




Home Builders

As a self-builder working on an extension in your home, or perhaps a new property entirely, keeping a tight schedule during the whole process can be difficult. If you have units being installed on a particular date, you may require some last-minute help with making sure that the screeding and flooring process is completed before your units arrive. We can provide a fast-drying screed that allows you to start tiling within days , enabling you to move on with the process, stress free.

General Extension Builders

General builders who undertake a full extension projects in a property often call on our floor screeding contractors in London to take care of the screeding process. All building jobs work along particular deadlines, with many other variables to worry about. By calling on SJW Screed Limited, general builders can be certain that the floor screed of their extension project has been supplied and installed in comprehensive fashion by experts in floor screeding. 

Main Contractors

Building contractors are always operating along very strict deadlines, which means that it often becomes necessary to outsource the screeding work to experienced professionals with a proven track record in supplying standard and fast-drying screed solutions. Our team is available at very short notice to lay down a wide variety of screeds. We will supply the exact kind of floor screeding that your company requires and get the job done to the highest possible standard. 






We take precise laser measurements ahead of laying down the screed. Only once levels are determined will the screed works commence with our installers laying down the screed with pinpoint accuracy. Once installed our professionals will then use a power float screed, which produces a smooth, dense and level surface finish on the screed. This technique produces a highly professional finish and eliminates the time and physical labour required for hand trowelling – the traditional way of laying down fast-drying screed

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OUR THREE floor screeding solutions


Standard Screed

This screed dries at 1mm per day, which means that standard screed depths of 60mm would be fit for tiling over after 2 months. The product is made up of high-strength, polypropylene fibres, as opposed to the more conventional steel mesh. Included in the batching process and processed through a pump, the screed produces a high-qualify finish. The fibres 
precipitate excellent surface hardness, optimising resistance to wear and tire, along with ensuring that shrinking is minimised.

Chemical Accelerator Screed

This fast-drying screed serves as an affordable way of enhancing cure time for self-builders or building companies. Due to a chemical accelerator that binds the water used for mixing within the cement, with good drying conditions cure times can come down to 15 days for a dry screed that is 75mm in thickness, which without any accelerator would normally take 90 days before flooring becomes possible. Along with rapid drying, the chemical accelerator also guarantees minimal shrinkage and quick strength development.

Mapei Screed

Our most expensive product, the Mapei screed – in favourable drying conditions – enables you lay a ceramic tile floor just 24 hours after completion of screeding and install a natural  stone floor after 48 hours, while wood and floor coverings take just four to five days. This process is made possible by replacing the Portland cement in the screed mix with a special hydraulic binder manufactured by Mapei, a respected name in all aspects of flooring.



At SJW Screed Limited, we can prepare the screed on Thursday, lay it down on Friday and tile your floor on Monday ahead of units being installed on Wednesday! Why wait three months when our experienced floor screeding contractors in London can have the job done in less than a week?



On top of the above trio, our floor screeding contractors in London also provide a number of specialised forms of dry screed to suit more particular demands. To find out more about our range of screeds, please view the list below and get in touch with SJW Screed Limited for more information:

  • Traditional Sand-Cement Screeds
  • Rapid Drying Screeds
  • SBR Polymer Screeds

  • Heavy Duty Screeds
  • Granolithic Screeds
  • Lytag Screeds

  • Latex Screeds
  • Surface Preparation















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